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AC represents the business interests of SME and of Financial Institutions in the consultation of Trade Finance operations, TF operations outsourcing and in Trade Finance IT related systems in Islamic and in Conventional Trade Financing.

AC also is in the leading businesses of helping SME to better operate their small businesses in the usage of online system for back end operations and on online payment services via SAAS (Software as A Service) Platform and in  reviving suitable government IT projects for the benefit of consumers and owners, and in creating a tailor made office automation systems for the usage of enterprises to better manage their entity.

AC also provide community services in related activities such as SMS broadcasting, e-Koperasi Management System, Membership System for e-Pertubuhan, e-Yayasan Management system, e-Khairat System, e-Campus Management System and Smart Office Management System using the concept of Pay per Use as to avoid high entry cost.

AC is providing its payment gateway for companies that have just started their online businesses and currently is involved in recycle programs where its vision is to enable all communities to participate and earn an extra income from recycling activities via its cashless mechanism payment method .

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